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Collection Policy

The collection process is the responsibility of the Bursar. Students’ accounts are reviewed for past-due status and every effort to collect in house is made prior to sending balances to an outside agency. These effort may include:

  • Letters and account statements sent to last known address on file
  • Email communications to personal and RBC email addresses on file
  • Automated text messages to the cell phone number on file

It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that all permanent, local, and personal email addresses are current in our system.

In-house manual payment plans for prior semester balances are not offered. Automated payment plans are available for currently enrolled students only- please see the Payment Options section for more information on instructions and deadlines for payment plans.

The below information is printed and displayed throughout the Office of Student Accounts. This information is also mailed to all students along with his/her paper bill and included in any information packets distributed at registration, training, or orientation events.

A student account is considered delinquent when the payment has not been received by the payment due date. Once an account is considered delinquent with the College, we are required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to send the account to either a private Collection Agency or the Office of the Attorney General, depending on the dollar amount past due. A collections fee may be added to the account, and a hold may be placed that could prevent registration and withhold transcripts.

What happens to a past-due account?

  • Financial Hold: A financial hold is placed on the account that prevents registration for future classes, obtaining transcripts, accessing certain Banner account information, graduation, etc.
  • Collection Agency: Accounts with past-due balances less than $3,000 will be placed with a collection agency where the student may be responsible for any collection costs incurred.
  • Credit Reporting: Accounts may be listed by the Credit Bureau as a bad debt.
  • Debt Set Off: If the student is a Virginia Resident, a delinquent account can be collected in full from any income tax refunds or other refunds due to the student from the state.
  • Attorney General: Past-due accounts may be turned over to the Virginia Attorney General’s Office for litigation if the balance is greater than $3,000. A 30%+ attorney’s fee is assessed on the account and interest begins to accrue. Presence in court may be required.

How does a student prevent his/her account from being past due?

  • Regularly check account balances within Banner Web
  • Maintain account balance at zero
  • Comply with all due dates set forth by Richard Bland College of William & Mary on letters, bills, website and academic calendars
  • Pay any library, parking, or housing fines when charged
  • Pay any residence life check out damages assessed at the end of the term or during the Winter/Spring break check out process

Office of Student Accounts

Monday – Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm

Contact Info
Richard Bland College of William & Mary
11301 Johnson Rd
South Prince George, VA 23805

Phone (804) 862-6100, extension 8100

Email CashierOffice@rbc.edu

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