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Student Financial Responsibilities

Student Financial Responsibilities:

In consideration of Richard Bland College of William & Mary allowing individuals to register for courses, all students are expected to meet their financial obligations.  As a member of the campus community, all students are held responsible for and accept the following conditions.

  1. All students of Richard Bland College of William & Mary understand and accept the responsibility to:
    • Submit full payment of tuition and fees generated from course registration, housing, and dining services.
    • Submit full payment for any fines, damages and any other miscellaneous charges incurred on the student account.
    • Review any electronic billings and pay the College by the due dates stated. Students understand that paper bills may not be sent out and failure to receive a bill does not waive the requirement for payment when due and will not prevent application of the late fee.
    • Review the self-service Banner account regularly for balances and charges incurred throughout the semester.
    • Pay a $50 returned check fee for payments returned by the bank. All returned payments must be repaid in cash to the Cashiers office.
    • Maintain a current mailing address and other contact information on file with the Records & Registration Department. Failure to update information may cause a delay in receiving refund checks.
    • Acknowledge the RBC email address as the official form of communication and students agree to read email regularly for updates. Failure to review, open, or check the RBC email Inbox, Spam, or other folders will not waive the application of late fees or class drops caused by missed information.
    • Submit all financial aid paperwork in a timely manner, including any documents requested during the verification process.
    • Pay the College any Financial Aid amounts the student is not eligible for under federal guidelines and the student realizes the financial aid may be adjusted throughout the semester due to ineligibility caused by class drops, official/unofficial withdrawals, etc.
    • Return or repay any funds owed to the College in the event adjustments or additional charges are posted to the account after a refund has been processed.
  2. If students fail to pay or repay any unpaid balance owed to Richard Bland College of William & Mary, students agree that RBC may take such steps as necessary to recover funds owed. The process of collecting the debt may include:
    • Deduction of such debt from any funds due to the student from the College or State of Virginia, including wages or financial aid, and any applicable tax refunds via the Virginia Debt Set- Off program.
    • Contacting the student by telephone, text messages, emails, and letters at any telephone number, email address, or permanent address associated with the account by RBC employees or agents. Students understand the account may be sent to a collection agency or attorney.
    • Students agree to pay all costs of collections including late fees, additional fees imposed by third party collection agencies or attorney fees (up to 30% of the principal, plus accrued interest), court costs, and/or other charges as necessary to collect any debt.

This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Virginia, without regard to its conflict or choice of law provisions.

Students are given a copy of their responsibilities during orientation, registration, and other events and should provide their signature indicating they have read the agreement, understand it, agree and consent to it.  Original signed acknowledgements should be returned to the Bursars Office in the Enrollment Services Center on campus, or mailed to:

Richard Bland College of William & Mary
c/o Bursars Office
11301 Johnson Road
S. Prince George, VA 23805

Failure to have a signed acknowledgement of financial responsibilities on file may result in a hold being placed on the students account, however failure to return a signed form does not waive the responsibilities or financial obligations of the student.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 804-862-6100 or email success@rbc.edu.

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